5 Ways To Create WOW Moments Your Clients Will Rave About

What are WOW moments?

WOW moments are memorable experiences that you create for your customers by exceeding your customer's expectations and delighting them at every opportunity.

WOW moments are a combination of little surprises, thoughtfulness, added touches to your service, excellent customer service, a smooth purchasing experience, and always offering incredible value to your customer.

Why create WOW moments?

WOW moments delight your customers, turn them into loyal and raving fans, and keep them coming back. Delighted customers repurchase, interact with you more, give you valuable feedback and tell others about your services.

Offering a WOW experience could save plenty of money and time on your marketing costs for acquiring new customers, while allowing you to create a reputable business with a solid reputation for excellent customer service and high-quality products and services.

What's more, creating WOW moments for your customers can be huge fun too.

Here are five ways to create a WOW experience your clients will rave about.

(1) Do what you say you're going to do

Let's be frank here; if you can't stand by your promises in the first place, there's little chance you can provide a WOW experience. That's like trying to fill a bath up without putting the plug in first.

You would think this step is pretty obvious, right? Yet, in my experience as a customer, an alarming number of businesses fail at this first hurdle.

For example, charging me £7.99 extra for next-day delivery, then failing to deliver on time is going to be a huge negative when it comes to creating a WOW experience. Mind you, you still have a chance to WOW me when I complain. But if you then make up all kinds of excuses as to why it's not your fault (therefore implying that either it's my fault, or I shouldn't have complained), I'm sorry, you've just lost me as a customer forever.

So, the first step to creating a WOW experience is to get your house in order. Do what you say you're going to do - always.

It's a challenge, I know. So you need to create systems and clear team communications. Your customers will greatly appreciate your efforts.

If you don't think you can keep a promise, don't make it. It's better to say delivery will take 1 - 3 days and WOW your customers by delivering the next day.

There is plenty of software available to help you manage your communication, systems and processes. Many of which are free or low-cost.

(2) Offer something your customers didn't know they needed

Figure out what part of your services your customer does not know about, but needs, and offer it to them.

It's common for most customers to be unaware of the range of services you offer and exactly how you can help them. Which means that you're helping your customer by providing them with a WOW experience in the form of an upsell!

You have to approach the topic delicately by making your upsell offers all about your customer and not a sales pitch. Pay close attention to your customer and what their needs are. Don't offer something regardless of whether it'll help them just to get an extra sale.

If you're not sure how to determine what your customer might want next from you, send them a 'getting-to-know you questionnaire'. Or even a quick personal email asking them about themselves. Both strategies could help you to determine where the customer is in your buying cycle so that you can communicate more effectively with them - and that activity in itself will be a WOW moment.

(3) Do something unexpected for your customers

Think back to a time when you experienced the joy that comes from surprising your loved ones, or receiving a surprise yourself. Even the smallest gestures can reach deep into our hearts and create a long-lasting memory - it's the same for your customers. They're human beings too.

Surprising your customers by doing something unexpected and personal, even if it's something small, can make a huge difference in their experience with you.


  • Remember the anniversary of when they first purchased from you, or first joined your email list, and send a personal message.
  • Send them a little something in the post. Perhaps they've mentioned a particular brand of chocolates in the past, or their favourite holiday destination. Send them a box of those chocolates, or a postcard from their favourite place.
  • Offer a surprise training and privately invite a selected group of people.
  • If somebody is struggling with an issue you don't serve, but you know of a book that can help, send them the book in the post or email them a digital version.
  • Surprise upgrade: Depending on what you do, this could be a VIP membership, upgrade to the next level service, or a bonus product / service to complement their existing purchase.

(4) Honour milestones

Create, acknowledge and reward milestones your customers or clients have reached while working with you. Milestones give people a goal and a sense of accomplishment to encourage people to move to the next stage in whatever they're working on.

Example: If you're a personal trainer and your client is aiming to lose 10 kilos. Celebrate her success when she reaches that goal. Get excited with her about her accomplishment.

With your clients' permission, you can share their milestones to your audience. This will motivate others and encourage them to set their own goals.

(5) Small gestures to show you pay attention

Details count. People notice them. Details subliminally convey your competence, expertise and commitment to your customers. Dotting the I's and crossing the T's in all that you do is a great way to create a WOW experience for your customers.

These small acts don't have to be valuable to your customers for monetary reasons. But they'll be remembered because they make your customers feel valued and appreciated.


  • Send a hand-written birthday card.
  • Walk someone to their car if you notice they have heavy bags.
  • Remember their preferences for a particular product / service.
  • Remember names of their spouses and kids.
  • Similarly, remember important dates.
  • Remember causes close to their hearts.
  • This one is simple, but such an easy one to get wrong: If your customer has an unusual name, take extra care to spell it right. I'm speaking from personal experience here 🙂

Emotional engagement and customer journeys that feel good pay huge dividends. When a customer has a WOW experience, you are exceeding their expectations. They'll remember you. They'll talk about you. And they'll recommend you.

5 Ways to Create WOW Moments Your Clients Will Rave About5 Ways to Create WOW Moments Your Clients Will Rave About

5 Ways to Create WOW Moments Your Clients Will Rave About

5 Ways to Create WOW Moments Your Clients Will Rave About

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