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25-Point Website Checklist

Your website is your 24/7 employee. Make sure it's working hard for you.

Did you know... within 8 seconds of landing on your website, your visitors will decide whether they want to stay or leave? So how do you make a connection with your ideal clients in those precious 8 seconds? Hint: Looking pretty isn't enough.

Your website needs to do 3 things

Attract Ideal Clients

YOUR people. Not just anyone who passes through.

Generate Leads

And create connection with your potential clients who want to know more.

Promote Sales

Build a real sustainable brand and business - not just an expensive hobby.

In this free checklist, you'll discover 25 ways to improve your website so that you can:

Make your website visitors feel like you're talking to them directly
Show them how you are the perfect person to solve their problems
Overcome their mental objections to working with you
Connect with your ideal clients on an emotional level
Establish your expertise in your field
Build rapport and trust with your target audience, which means they'll be more likely to buy from you in the future

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