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No matter how big or small your business, it is inevitable that it will start to develop a workplace culture. And as the leader of your company, you have a big influence on what sort of culture that you want to establish.

If you don't make a special effort to determine what sort of culture you want to establish, it is very easy to end up with one which you don't like, so check out some of these Brand Culture Hacks to help you out. In the meantime, here are just some of the most common workplace cultures out there.


A culture of innovation is one which prides itself on doing things differently to the norm. Standard office cultures tend to be rejected in favour of creating an environment which encourages new ideas to come to the forefront. In many businesses, this is centred very much around technology. Rules are often more flexible and people are encouraged to work in the way that they find suits them the best.


A business which is based on empowerment is one where every employee feels valued and like they are able to offer their own input and suggestions. This is in direct contrast to the office cultures which are based on a very clear sense of hierarchy in which people don't feel so much like they are on equal footing. Ultimately, this is about creating a workplace which is more inclusive so that people don't feel like they have been frozen out for any reason.


While some workplaces feature lots of people completing tasks on their own, a culture of collaboration focuses on people working together with one another to get tasks done. There are likely to be plenty of meeting spaces where people can share their ideas. Not only this, strategies should be developed which help your staff members to interact with one another, and any conflicts need to be dealt with in a swift and effective manner.


A mission-driven workplace is one which is clear on tasks that need to be accomplished, continually setting goals for staff members to achieve. And this means that there are times when the environment can get quite intense as everyone is striving so hard to achieve their goals. This is particularly common in charitable organisations which are focused on getting people out of difficult life situations.

Power Oriented

Let's face it; there are plenty of workplaces that think the way to get the best out of their employees is by throwing them into a dog-eat-dog culture. These are often sales-based businesses which have a very clear emphasis on achieving results. And the people who work there are often very individualistic and focused on their own missions. You need to manage this kind of environment very carefully to ensure that people stay on track and focus on the needs of the business.

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