Blogging for business, everyone's doing it so why aren't you? Perhaps the idea of writing hundreds of words on one subject is putting you off or perhaps you can't see how one article placed in a corner of your website might possibly be of any advantage to your business.

Well the truth is it can and if you're coming around to the idea then we have some ways to help get you started in the world of blogging for your business.

Find your voice

One of the main aims of blogging is to find your identity within your market. You are looking to establish yourself as the voice of your industry, to make yourself so important that customers, present and future, look to you to hear about your expertise and inside knowledge.

If this sounds like a formidable task, don't be daunted. Chances are you've been working in your industry for some time and it's really just a case of getting what's in your head down on paper.

Start by thinking of a few interesting topic ideas that, if you were a customer, you might be interested in hearing about. This might be an introduction to your company to start with, who founded you and when and how the company has grown. Moving on from there you might talk about how your company is growing and the future of the industry. You can be even more specific and talk about your individual products and how customers can get the very best out of them.

With your written voice, think informative, friendly but not too over-familiar.

Constructing your blog

Before you start, spend some time thinking about the logical order of your blog. Start with some attention grabbing title and opening sentences and take it from there. You'll need your title to be Search Engine Optimised (SEO), which effectively means that anyone searching for keywords around your industry will find your blog and ultimately your webpage.

These keywords will also need to feature throughout your blog but you'll need to make sure they always read perfectly naturally and don't look like they've been clumsily placed on a page just to make it big on a Google search.


Your images are going to form an important part of the overall design and style of your blog and with the right caption they will also show up as SEO friendly. You'll want to write your blog to a decent length, think at least 1,000 words so using images to break up your wall of text is going to be very important.

You'll be able to access royalty free images through sites such as Pixabay that offer a huge range of photos that can be searched for by topic.

Don't over crowd your blog with images but feel free to use or two or three to keep the reader interested and engaged.

If you're really not confident then consider using an agency such as to give you some insider tips and help make your writing shine.