The No-Sell Sales Call

How to sell your services and sign clients without being salesy

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This ebook will be available in April 2020. For more details about this ebook, read below.

What if you've attracted a potential client on a sales call, and then have no idea how to close the sale?

Does the idea of having to sell your services make your stomach churn? Do you feel anxious and unprepared when you talk to potential clients? Do you feel like you have to convince people to work with you? Are your sales calls not resulting in paid clients?

If only you had a reliable and well-tested framework to guide you through the sales call, so you know what to say and how to say it. Then you'd have the confidence during the whole process to lead the conversation, every step of the way.

Guess what? Your wish has just come true!

Introducing... No-Sell Sales Call: How to sell your services and sign clients without being salesy

There's an art to selling your services without selling. There are various psychological factors, some small, some bigger, that you need to consider. That's why you need a reliable framework in place to ensure that you lead the sales call and guide your potential client to reach the best decision for themselves.

In No-Sell Sales Call, I'll share with you a framework that I use to sign 1:1 coaching clients with ease and flow. Following this framework, you'll be able to conduct sales calls to sell your services using a smooth and relaxed process, without having to deploy hard-sell sales tactics, and without feeling "salesy" and awkward.

When potential clients sense your deep understanding of their problems, and trust that you have the solution to help them, working with you is a natural next step that requires very little selling.

What's covered in No-Sell Sales Call:

  • How to be prepared so you don't feel like you're winging your sales calls.
  • The one thing you mustn't do in your sales call, if you don't want to lose the sale.
  • How to spot the red flags that tell you the client is not a good match.
  • A step-by-step process to connect with your potential client and lead the sales call with ease, without having to convince, coerce or manipulate the other person.
  • The 3-step approach to handling common objections to buying.
  • Sample sales scripts you can adapt for your own use.

How do I purchase No-Sell Sales Call now?

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Important: Before you get on the waiting list, please know that this ebook is NOT about:

  • Manipulating someone to work with you even if they genuinely can't afford to.
  • Using unscrupulous tactics to get a sale, even when you know that the person is not a good fit for your services.
  • Getting someone to say yes regardless of whether it's the best choice for them.

If you want to learn how to do the above, please DO NOT get on the waiting list.

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How to sell your services and sign clients without being salesy

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