Why yearly goals are ineffective and how to set 3-month goals and plan out the actionable steps to achieve them.

How do you set your goals?

If you're like most people, you have a bunch of goals floating around in your head that you'd like to achieve within the next year. You may set goals like:

- This time next year I'm going to be making $10K per month.
- I want to lose 50kg this year.
- I am going to start writing a book next year.
- I want to travel more this year.
- By the end of this year I want to quit my corporate job.

There's nothing wrong with those goals per se. The problem lies in setting the goals for too far ahead and giving yourself too much time to procrastinate.

When you're giving yourself 12 months to achieve something, there's no urgency. There's no rush. After all, you have a whole year to do research, plan and execute. It's all too easy to think "I'll start next week." And we all know what happens when you keep repeating that same phrase to yourself!

Create 3-month goals

This is why you shouldn't plan goals for the next 12 months. Instead, decide what you want to achive in the next 3 months.

- How many new clients do you want to have?
- How much income do you want to bring in?
- What new service(s) do you want to create?

Don't overdo it. Don't list a gazillion things because even a super human can't achieve more than a few major goals in a few months. Be realistic.

I recommend writing down 3 major goals you want to achive during the next 3 months.

Mesurable milestones

This is where most people stop. After defining high-level goals, there are no real clear steps to achieve them. Your goals are not going to achieve themselves!

For each of your high-level goals, write down 3 measurable milestones to make sure that the desired high-level goal can be achieved. Think of it like this: If you want to climb to the top of a mountain, you need to reach the basecamps along the way.

Actionable tasks

Finally, for each of your measurable milestones, list the daily tasks/activites you have to do in order to hit that milestone.

Here's an example of how to turn a high-level goal into actionable tasks:

High level goal: "I want to gain 100 subscribers in the next 3 months."

3 measurable milestones:

  • I will create a lead magnet that solves a problem for my target audience.
  • I will create a landing page for my lead magnet.
  • I will put my lead magnet in front of my target audience.

The daily activities/ tasks:

  • Create lead magnet
    • Research what problems target audience is facing.
    • Outline bullet points for lead magnet.
    • Write content for lead magnet daily until it's complete.
    • Format lead magnet into an ebook.
  • Create landing page
    • Research what free/paid options are available.
    • Decide on the landing page platform to use.
    • Learn how to write an effective landing page.
    • Outline sections for landing page.
    • Create landing page.
  • Market lead magnet
    • Research the best way to market lead magnet.
    • Blog about topics related to lead magnet.
    • Create posting schedule to social media channels.
    • Post to social media channels according to schedule.
    • Interact with target audience where they hang out and answer questions related to lead magnet.


Use this Goals -> Milestones -> Tasks system to plan out what you want to achieve for the next 3 months. Comment below and let me know what you've come up with.

Why yearly goals are ineffective and how to set 3-month goals and plan out the actionable steps to achieve them.

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