When it comes to the day to day running of your business, things can get overwhelming pretty quickly, so being able to organize and manage your time effectively, as well as implementing clear systems and processes that keep things going is definitely crucial.

The thing is, though: so many business owners find that getting started with choosing which tools and systems to implement overwhelming on its own, simply because there are so many to choose from.

It also doesn't help that the people behind these tools are either really great at marketing or know how to hire people who are great at it, so they're able to convince business owners like you and I that we need what they're offering or else our business may not survive.

That's why learning to be selective, strategic and discerning when it comes to running your business and making investments in it - no matter how small or large is something that will serve you well and keep you on the path towards your goals - not one paved with bright shiny objects that only distract you.

Here are just a few things to consider when it comes to choosing the right tools for your online business.

Website & Hosting

Although you can definitely run a successful business - even an online one without a website, it's definitely going to make it easier for clients to find you and hire you if you have a simple website that lists what you do and how you can help them. When it comes to choosing the right website tools, there are definitely many options to choose from.

The thing is, most platforms will get you pretty much the same customization options from a design point of view, so what you're looking for is something that makes sense financially - preferably a one off cost for a website theme, and a lower monthly or annual fee for hosting.

Then you'll want to look for reputation, SEO friendly, and then hosting that's powerful and comes with good customer support should you need it.

Email Marketing

Email marketing platforms are one of the biggest source of overwhelm for online business owners because there are so many of them available, and more constantly arriving on the scene. Fundamentally they're all pretty much the same from a feature perspective, so it's really just about personal preference here.

However, there are some other things you should look out for. Again, cost is a big one, and depends on the size of your email list, and what stage of business you're in. Then you'll be looking for deliverability, as well as how user-friendly the platform is and how good their customer support is.

Accounting & Admin

Although you may not relish this part of your business, if you're not yet at the stage of being able to outsource things, then it's just something you'll need to accept for now. Whether it's project management software, apps to help with accounting and budgeting, or a mailbox forwarding service from companies like https://physicaladdress.com/ the things you'll be looking for here are simplicity, ease of use, and easy to integrate, as well as cost-effectiveness and reputation.

There may be a lot of options out there to choose from, but as long as you stick with things you feel comfortable using and that actually align with your business goals, then looking for these things when choosing the right tools should make things less overwhelming overall.

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