Why You Need to Protect Your Website Like Your Home

When you go out, you wouldn't leave your house unprotected, doors and windows wide open, have no insurance in place, and just hope that nobody will go in and steal your treasured possessions, right?

Yet so many people have no security and backup in place for their websites.

Last week, one of my clients woke up to her website having been hacked. She runs a ecommerce store which brings in hundreds of sales every day. So any down time is revenue lost. Luckily for her, I was able to restore her site from the backups I put in place for her and her site was up and running again in less than an hour.

Every website is vulnerable

Hackers don't just target large companies, as some people believe. Every website is vulnerable. Oh, and if you're not hacked, there may be occasions when you accidentally mess up your site and it's all jumbled. I've seen it happen to my clients many times. I've even done it myself once!

If you don't have security and backups in place, you will risk losing months of hard work and sweat! Don't make that mistake. Wouldn't you rather have the peace of mind and control, knowing that your website is protected and backed up?

My recommendations for backup & security

Backup: BackWPUp, BackUpWordpress (free), Backup Buddy and VaultPress (paid)

Security: WordFence, All In One WP Security, iThemes Security, Sucuri, BulletProof Security (all have free and paid versions)

If you need help getting backups and security in place, please check out my WordPress Care Plans.

You wouldn't leave your home unprotected. So why would you leave your website open to hackers?
You wouldn't leave your home unprotected. So why would you leave your website open to hackers?

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