When you start out with your business, you may have only had to think about yourself and what was needed. As your business grows, you start to think about outsourcing or even getting to the stage where you have your own business premises and you hire staff. There is such a huge responsibility when it comes to hiring the right people, but not only that, when you get them on board you want them to feel included and valued. So how do you do that? Here are some suggestions.

Photo by pixabay.

Name badges and work attire

Sometimes staff can feel inclusive when it comes to the things that they wear, and if you have a business that is customer facing, then a work uniform, or a particular style of clothing to be worn such as smart and in specific colours could be the way forward. You could also consider things like lanyards and name badges. Websites like https://www.idcardcentre.co.uk/id-card-accessories/Name-Badges have a great selection if you think they might work in your business. Aside from that, if you prefer to let people wear what they want this can also help them to feel relaxed and comfortable in their working environment.

Keeping the lines of communication open

Keeping the lines of communication open between you and your team is vital. You want them to feel comfortable discussing their concerns with you and also suggestions for ways they can improve the working experience. A good level of communication can be a great thing to have in the workplace and can make the environment a positive one to work in.

Being realistic with targets

The next thing you may need to think about is the targets that you have set for your team and keeping them realistic. There is a huge issue when it comes to leaders moving targets at the last minute and this can be a hugely demotivating for staff members. You want them to work hard and achieve their goals, but setting targets and sticking to them from the start will help keep them motivated.

Incentives can keep staff motivated

Incentives are a great way to keep staff motivated and to help them achieve the targets that you have set. There may already be a bonus waiting in terms of money and wages, but you could also look at physical incentives such as spot prizes on sale days, or even things like best performer of the week.

Being an approachable leader

Finally, being an approachable leader is also something that you need to think about, while you may keep lines of communication open it is only going to work if people feel like they can approach you, even if you are the leader or business owner. Being a people person and approachable can often mean showing interest, remembering names of family members and what might be going on in their lives right now. A small gesture can go a long way.

Let's hope these tips help you to have you staff feeling included and valued in your business.