Are You Majoring in Minor Things?

Are You Majoring in Minor Things?

Ask anyone how they are and you'll likely get the impression that they're really really busy.

I bet you're really busy too.

Somehow we've come to equate being busy with being of value.

But, is your busy-ness helping you get to where you want to be?

Or are you spinning your wheels and not accomplishing much?

As business owners, one of the biggest challenges you'll face is staying focused on what matters most.

When you're getting pulled in all directions, it can be hard to align yourself with your top priorities and highest intentions.

And here's one thing I've noticed time and time again from working with clients... that they are, as Jim Rohn so succinctly put it, "majoring in the minor things".

Are you spending a disproportionate amount of time defending yourself against someone who took offence at a misspelling?

Are you getting all riled up because of a social media comment?

Are you reacting to other people's emergencies that have nothing to do with you?


Are you thinking of ways to connect with potential customers and letting them know how you can help them?

Are you creating valuable content that serve your audience?

Are you taking time to create a plan of action to market your business?

Are you defining your goals and taking steps to reach them?

These are the major things that will move your business forward.

If you've been wasting time in minor things for months, or years, it's time to stop. It's time to take a good hard look at what minor activities have been distracting you from the major things that truly matter.

Then make a commitment to yourself to either delegate them to someone else (if they need to be done) or stop doing them at all.

Until you do that, you're going to be really busy, but you're not going to go anywhere.

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