Unfortunately, you only have to turn on the news or look on the Internet to hear stories about cyber security UK breaches. In this blog post, we take a further look at some of the most notorious UK attacks, as well as the impact of data breaches...

Famous UK data breaches

In 2011, British regulators had a role to play when it came to Sony's PlayStation Network and their failure to protect users from their personal details being leaked. The company was fined £250,00 because information was stolen from the accounts for approximately 100 million users. The widespread attack saw customer addresses, account names, customer names and bank account numbers being stolen. The hackers exploited a weakness in the network, where they inundated it with information requests as part of the rise of many distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks that occurred around that period.

In March 2014, Morrisons fell victim to an insider attack, as an employee was arrested as the result of a data breach that involved the details of 100,000 staff. The individual exposed the bank account details, addresses and names of employees.

Mobile phone provider Orange has also suffered several data breaches. Their most recent one impacted upon more than one million people. Again, data was stolen, including names, mobile numbers, landline numbers and email addresses.

British Gas has also been the victim of a cyber security UK attack. Criminals took over the company's Twitter account and pointed customers towards phishing websites.

The gambling company, Paddy Power, was also hacked - with almost 650,000 customer's records stolen. You begin to see the importance of security testing to avert such threats.

The Price You Pay By Failing To Hire A Cyber Security Company

The previous examples are a mere handful of the millions and millions of data breaches that have occurred globally. Failing to hire a cyber security company can be devastating. You also need to educate your employees, from teaching them how to hide an IP address to creating strong passwords. Firstly, there is the financial impact, which was touched upon in the introduction. If you suffer at the hand of a cybersecurity breach and you do not have the systems in place to deal with it effectively, the monetary cost can be huge and extremely difficult to come back from.

Not only can hackers steal money, but you will also have to spend a considerable amount of fixing the issue; additionally, you may be subject to fines as well, as Sony was. This is only the beginning of the problems unfortunately.

Just think about how your reputation and customer loyalty will be impacted. Security is one of the most pivotal things consumers take into consideration nowadays. They are sceptical regarding where they shop and input their personal information. If they trust you, and then their details are stolen, what are they going to think about your business? Many customer relationships will be in tatters and this can be something that is very difficult to recover from. Your company will also get negative press, which never helps anyone.

Many companies have unfortunately paid the ultimate price of failing to hire a cyber security company for effective IT security measures. In July 2014, HotelHippo.com closed down after a data leak, despite only 24 customers being impacted. MyBizHomepage, once valued at $100 million, also had to close when three senior officers were fired and launched a crippling attack on the company.

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