Video marketing and the use of video on social media and the wider internet is massive right now. Our favourite brands are posting videos to their own websites, video ads to other sites, and short videos to social media. Influencers are sharing videos every day, sharing parts of their lives with their followers. In 2019, 81% of businesses use video as part of their marketing campaigns, 60% of people would rather watch a video online than TV, and it's thought that by 2022, 82% of internet traffic will be video related.

Video is effective. It gives viewers the impression that they are seeing the real people behind brands. It increases engagement and conversation. It makes an impression quickly, it grabs and holds attention, and it gets people excited. It's easy to see why more brands and small businesses are utilising video.

But, many of us are terrified of it. We're scared of putting our faces in front of the camera, or even speaking live. Some people are even scared of sharing videos that they aren't in. Video is real, it makes us vulnerable, and in the beginning, it can be scary. It is, however, definitely worth getting over your fears. Here's how.

Get Some Help

When it comes to using video, there are many different options. You don't have to be in front of the camera. You could use animation or hire actors. You can try live videos because it gives you less chance to worry. But, if you are scared or just have no experience with video, getting help from a Video Production team can be an excellent and cost-effective idea.

Start Small

You don't need a feature-length film or epic Q&A session to get videos online. In fact, short, snappy videos often get the most views and the best engagement, they certainly get shared the most. So, start small.

When it comes to finding your feet with video, vanishing video options, like those that Instagram stories offer, can be ideal. They give you a chance to experiment, have fun, find what you like to do and what works, but they don't hang around, and no one takes them too seriously, which might make you more comfortable.

Practice Makes Perfect

The more videos you upload, the more comfortable you will become, both in front of and behind the camera. Try to share a video on social media every day. Try new things and experiment. Make mistakes, look at your analytics, and find out what is working. Practice makes perfect, but it also reduces fear.

Understand the Benefits

Knowing the benefits of video won't reduce your fear, but it will help to reassure you that it is worth it. Read about the wider benefits of using video for marketing, but also take the time to monitor your videos and how well they are working. The more success you see, the easier you will find it.

Confront Your Fear

The best way to get over any fear is to confront it. Film something and post it. Avoid editing altogether if you can, so that you don't have time to change your mind. Don't strive for perfection; don't be too fussy, just do it.