How to Get More Clients by Selling Results

What are you actually selling?

As part of my coaching program I provide detailed website feedback for my clients. Now, I'm not a copywriter but I've noticed one common thing that I'd like to share with you...

When we write our website copy, we have a tendency to write for ourselves, rather than for our readers.

Here's an example:

"We're a professional cleaning company based in London. We offer affordable cleaning services. Our cleaners are professional, trustworthy and punctual. We offer the highest level of service to all our customers."

It's a little dull but you may think it's not that bad, right? It tells readers what the company is about. It lets them know they're a cleaning company based in London and they're affordable, etc.

But that's the problem. Copy like that focuses on the business, instead of the customers. It makes me want to say:

"Who cares?"
"So what?"

"What's in it for me?"

I want to tell you one harsh truth about business: PEOPLE DON'T REALLY CARE ABOUT YOU.

And here are some bonus truths: They don't care about your product. They don't care about your business. They don't care what you had for breakfast this morning. No, I'm not here to hurt your feelings. I'm here to tell you how to use this information to your advantage - to attract more clients and increase sales.

So, how are you going to do that? Well, there is something that all your potential clients care about. They all care about THEMSELVES.

When they see your products or services, they want to know - "WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME?"

  • "How will I benefit from it?"
  • "Is it going to make my life easier?"
  • "Will it help me become healthier? Richer? Happier? More confident?"
  • "Will it help me become a better parent? Raise confident kids? Have a better relationship with my spouse?"
  • "Will it help me to have more time? Be more productive? Have a business that makes money?"

Don't let them make their own conclusions. People don't like to think too much.

If you don't know what problems you're solving and what results you can provide, you need to take some time to figure them out.

Because you can't convey what you don't know to your potential clients.

And if you can't answer their question of "What's in it for me?", they will look for someone else who can.

Don't sell what you do - sell the results

Tell your potential clients what they are going to get. Tell them the benefits, not the features.

Don't sell insurance - sell security, protection and peace of mind.
Don't sell gym membership - sell healthier body and vitality.
Don't sell a bed - sell a good night's sleep and good posture.

Let's get back to the example I gave earlier for the cleaning company. This time, let's turn it around and put the focus on the customers and the results they'll get:

"Are you tired of cleaning your own home? Do you have better things to do with your time? Our cleaning service specialises in helping busy professionals like you. We promise to get your house squeaky clean so you have more time to do the things you love to do and create precious memories with your loved ones. Interested in getting your house cleaned by an experienced team that knows how to make a house shine? Give us a call today and free up more time for yourself and your family!"

I don't know about you but I love the difference!

A question for you: What are you selling? What results do you get your clients?

A great way to sell results is by creating a signature program where you solve one specific problem for your clients.

Action Step

Now it's your turn. See if you can apply the same principle to your website copy. You don't have to re-write everything in one go. Just take a page and see how you can re-frame what you've already got to turn the focus on your readers instead of your business.

People don
People don
What results are you actually selling? If you want more clients, you have to stop boring potential clients with vague generic concepts. You have to answer this one question: What
How to Get More Clients by Selling Results

How to Get More Clients by Selling Results

How to Get More Clients by Selling Results

How to Get More Clients by Selling Results

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