1:1 Business Mentoring

More freedom. More time. More flexibility. That's why you wanted to start your business in the first place, right?

But now you find yourself working longer hours than your 9-to-5 and staring at your computer screen late into the night trying to figure things out.

You feel overwhelmed, confused and frustrated. You wonder if you're cut out for running your own business. You're questioning if it's all just a pipe dream.

Is this you?

  • You know your craft. You are ready to help others. You want to make an impact. But you're not sure where to start.
  • You're confused and overwhelmed by all the systems and tools that need to be in place to start and grow your business.
  • You want to gain that confidence that makes you look and feel professional, even though you're new in this online business world.
  • You know you're destined for greater things, but the gap between where you are and where you want to be feels just too wide right now.
  • You're fumbling in the dark trying different things but none of them has given you the results and confidence you need to move forward.
  • You're battling that inner chatter of fear and self-doubt, making you wonder if you have what it takes to succeed in your dream of running your own business.
  • You believe you know your potential clients, but you can't figure out how to reach them.
  • You're ready to get serious with your business and stop treating it like an expensive hobby.

My Mentoring Approach

Everyone is different. What you need to move forward in your business depends on your unique set of circumstances. That's why I don't offer a one-size-fits-all structure. Instead, we'll discuss where you are right now, where you want to be and what's keeping you stuck. Together we'll create a custom plan that suits your exact needs.

If you need help with creating an opt-in and building an email list, that's what we'll focus on.

Want to figure out who your ideal clients are and how you can serve them? We'll work on that together.

Stuck on getting the various technical pieces to fit together for your business? We'll device a plan to get everything working smoothly together.

Need clarity on which direction to take your business? I've got you covered.

What I won't do is to force you to go through a 3- or 6-month program full of bits and pieces you don't need, because that's a waste of your time and money.

Let's face it, you don't need more overwhelm. You need focus, clarity and accountability.

The Building Blocks

My 1:1 mentoring is individually tailored to you and your business. Below are just some of the topics we can cover based on your exact needs. We'll work as a team to establish a personalised game plan to cover everything you need in order to reach your goals.

Your Unique Selling Point & your ideal client

Your core message and your super power

Branding - Why it matters

Develop confidence to take actions towards your goals

What is and isn't working on your website

Best website conversion strategies

Effective web design that drives business

Connecting with your audience

Lead magnets your audience will love

List building strategies

Email marketing strategies

Crafting compelling emails

Creating products and services your audience will want to buy

Pricing strategies

Sell without selling

Authentic marketing

Generate blog topics - no more sweating over "What am I going to write about?"

Re-purposing your content

Effective social media marketing strategies without spending hours on Facebook

Systems and strategies to help you grow your business

Automations to nurture leads and generate sales

Best tech tools for where you're at to save you time and money

Mui is amazing! She makes prioritizing business tasks and following through with them seem easy and fun. She validates every little step I take. Not once did I feel rushed or get the feeling that I wasn't enough. Mui is genuine, kind, and very knowledgeable about what she does. She has a simple and straightforward approach to her mentoring and is never stingy with encouraging words. With Mui's help I was able to kick myself into action with a solid plan, pick a business goal that speaks to me, and just dive right in and do it. Without her, I don't know when I would have finished an entire email course. Probably next year. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mui!

Jessica May Tang - Lifestyle Therapist

You Will Receive...

  • Weekly 1-hour mentoring session on Skype
  • Unlimited email support
  • My business templates / swipe files
  • A solid plan of action to get you where you want to be
  • Expertise to help you find focus, clarity and confidence in building your business
  • Support, motivation and accountability to keep you moving forward
  • Access to my team for done-for-you implementation and tech support at discounted rates

I support you by providing you with a safe space for you to believe in yourself, step forward and grow. My mentoring style is a perfect blend of support, encouragement, motivation, accountability and technical expertise. Many clients have described working with me as easy and fun but make no mistake, I'll give you plenty to do and I'll call you out on your excuses. With a clear focus on where you want to go, we'll work as team to get you there.

I have a highly technical background too when it comes to the ins and outs of putting all the technical pieces together for your business. You will learn ways to do things quickly without the headache of re-inventing the wheel or spending ages researching and fumbling in the dark. Expect to see your frustration and confusion level will go right down during our time together.


$950 per month.


£750 per month


€850 per month.

Book as many or as few months as you need. No fixed duration.

Mui has a perfect blend of technical expertise and insightful knowledge of how clients will approach my website and the psychological journey they will take as they browse through my pages. Working with Mui has helped me focus in on what I needed to convey on my home page. I also raised my prices and am now signing up clients for my year-long business coaching programme!

I felt guided and supported by Mui and her mentoring approach. She provided just the right level of accountability for me to take actions between each session. I now feel much more confident with my website and how to take it to the next level. Thank you Mui!

Lucy Stanyer - Business and Career Change Coach

I wanted someone who was passionate about guiding coaches. Mui is able to share a depth of knowledge that I hadn't found previously. I didn't feel embarrassed that I could not figure out the answers on my own. She is VERY patient with me. She understands what I'm trying to accomplish and guided me to the right solutions *for me*. She is so helpful and caring. I realize how rare this is.

I would recommend Mui highly, to everyone! I completely trust her, and I feel like I could ask her for the answers to the universe while I'm here. Once you're in Mui's hands, all is well. She is someone to trust with your business and your dream.

Leann Harris - What Really Helps

Other Ways to Work With Me

1-hour laser-focused session to answer your burning questions on specific topics. Practical advice, guidance and strategies to get you results fast. Walk away with an action plan to achieve your goal. We can pack a lot of action into one hour!




During this 3-hour half day intensive, we'll dive deep into you and your business to come up with an action plan that will give you the focus and clarity you need to take your business to the next level.




If the written word is the way you think, and you feel uncomfortable being put on the spot during a live call, the my email business mentoring is for you! Perfect if you want the motivation and accountability of working with a mentor, with the convenience and flexibility of connecting via email. It's more affordable too.

$600 / month

£460 / month

€510 / month