Communication is the key to human interaction, and good or bad communication can make or break a business. Your company needs to be able to communicate effectively with customers as this can lead to increased sales, repeat business and referrals. Equally, not being able to communicate effectively can quickly lead to decreased sales, frustrated customers and negative word of mouth. So, how can you communicate effectively with your customers in order to grow and thrive?

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Reduce Waiting Times

Whether you're communicating with your customer over email, the longer you make them wait, the more frustrated they will get. It is essential to get an automated system in place that routes calls to available staff who can help them. This system will also need to have the capabilities to inform customers about how long they can expect to wait to speak to someone. Alternatively, you could have a live chat app on your website so that your customer service team can talk with a couple of customers simultaneously. 

Don't Use Scripted Language

Scripted language is impersonal, and customers don't like it. Today, everything is about the personal touch, so when talking to customers, this is imperative. You employees need to acknowledge the problem that the customer has raised, always be empathetic to your customers and use positive words rather than negative ones. They should also avoid using jargon and instead use simple and easy-to-understand terms to communicate with customers effectively. 

Equip Your Teams with the Right Tools

The right tools can help your customer service teams be more productive and efficient at handling customer requests. For example, when someone contacts your team via phone or chat, your employee who is handling the call or chat should have the tools to be able to pull up their records. They should be able to see their history and their recent interactions with your company. This can help to give your team member some context about the customer's issue making both sides of the conversation a lot easier and less frustrating. As mentioned earlier, LiveChat is a great tool and can be integrated with multiple Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools. You can also get bespoke web applications built with the latest technologies from

Use Social Media

While social media can be a blessing at times, it can be a curse at others. Customers are now turning to social media to vent their anger and complaints, making them very very public. Make sure you are monitoring this and replying to them in a timely fashion. You could even set up a different Twitter account dedicated to customer service to keep these queries off your main account. 34% of customers have used social media to ask a service-related question.