What is a Signature Program?

A signature program is a process you've used in the past to solve a challenge you faced. It's something you've succeeded at doing and can teach others to do. What's important is that it's a process you can break down into steps that you can teach and that others can follow to achieve the same results.

For example, you've successfully trained a rescue dog that had behavioural problems. What are the steps? What did you start with? How did you measure progress? You can take each of the steps and explain how you did it so that others can replicate your results.

A signature program is a great way to boost your brand, grow your business, gain exposure, and potentially earn multiple streams of income.

Find Your Perfect Audience

Before you can deliver your program, you need to get to know your target audience inside out. What have they tried that has and hasn't worked? What do they want to achieve the most?

When you really understand where they are, and where they want to be, you'll be able to serve them in a far more meaningful way. What kind of content do they like? How do they learn best? What information and resources are they looking for? You can then design and tailor your program to suit their needs.

Get Super Specific About Your Target Audience

Be as specific as you can about your target audience. Generic doesn't sell. If you can make a potential customer feel as though your program has been created just for them, you're onto a winner.

Let's say you're a health coach. If you target women in their 40s, it will sound too generic. In contrast, consider this following description of a target audience:

Women in their 40s, married with young children, with high earnings, very busy, short of time, would love to cook healthy food for their families but have no time or know-how, feels guilty about serving ready meals all the time.

Now that's a very specific community that would be an ideal audience for a signature program (or online course) that helps them learn how to cook healthy meal in 30 minutes and plan meals for the whole week ahead in the same amount of time!

When you can describe your ideal customers' struggles and paint a picture of a better future, you'll effortlessly attract the right people to your signature program.

Explore Marketing Tactics

There are many different ways to reach your target audience and tell them about your program. You can reach them through social media, a dedicated blog, YouTube videos, or any other online marketing strategies.

Once you know your audience, pick a small handful of marketing channels that are most likely to reach them. You can add more or change course once you publish the program, but start by choosing a few tactics that are best suited to your personality so you don't overwhelm yourself.

For example, if the idea of creating videos fills you with dread, don't choose YouTube! If you have a way with words, blogging will be a good fit for you.

Think in terms of a funnel where your program is at the centre. You need traffic strategies at the opening of your funnel to draw people in so they'll find your program.

Some commonly used methods for doing this include offering a free resource as a lead magnet, email marketing, or participating in social media groups relevant to your product.

Monitor and Improve

Once you launch your program, pay close attention to see what works and what doesn't. Set conversion goals and see if you're hitting them. Follow up with participants and get feedback on what they liked or didn't like, and make any necessary changes.

You may find that you're using the wrong tactics or emphasising the wrong benefits in your offer, or that one step in your program is incomplete or difficult, or even that you're targetting the wrong audience.

Improve and tweak your program based on the feedback you receive and your signature program will become more effective, more valuable and increasingly more attractive to your ideal customers.

Need help creating your signature program?

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How to Attract the Perfect Customers to Your Signature ProgramHow to Attract the Perfect Customers to Your Signature Program

How to Attract the Perfect Customers to Your Signature Program

How to Attract the Perfect Customers to Your Signature Program

Signature Program Template