On its own, a website is not going to attract clients and bring you increased business. Check out this 25-point checklist to help you attract the right clients with your website.

Your website is the heart of your business. It's your 24-7 employee. It's often the first place a potential client will look to find out more about you. It's with good reasons that many business owners rush out to create a website to attract clients when they are starting their businesses.

Building a website to attract clients

You invest in a web designer. Hire a copywriter. Work with a graphic designer and even a photographer. You launch your shiny new website. Your family and friends tell you how great it looks. You sit back and expect clients to come knocking on your door. Reality? Days, weeks, sometimes months, go by. Nothing. Crickets.

So many business owners believe that having a great website will automatically bring them clients. The truth is, with over 180 million websites out there, looking pretty just isn't enough.

So, if you think you're set when you have a pretty website, we need to talk.

On its own, a website is not going to attract clients and bring you increased business. Why?

Your website doesn't drive traffic on its own

In order for your website to be found by your potential customers, it needs to be optimised for search engines like Google. This way when people search for words related to your niche, your site will be shown in the search results. This is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Other ways to drive traffic to your website includes guest blogging, appearing on interviews and podcasts, and paid advertising.

Your website can't build a loyal following on its own

Assuming you are getting some traffic to your site, how do you turn them into a loyal following?

First you need to make sure your website has a way to capture your visitors' email addresses, so that you can communicate with them at a later date via email marketing.

Your website needs to be constantly providing valuable content in order to build rapport and trust. When you can demonstrate that you're an authority in your field and can provide solutions to their problems, your visitors will stick around to see what else you have on offer.

Your website doesn't convert visitors to buyers on its own

Your website should answer questions, soothe fears and guide your potential clients to the help and support they are searching for. It needs to connect with your audience on an emotional level in order to attract quality clients who value your services and your time, and shows them why you are the one they should hire.

Want to know the 25 things your website needs to do to attract the right clients? Grab them here.

How to attract clients with your website.
25 things your website needs to do to attract your ideal clients.
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