It's nice to meet you

Let's get to know each other

It's nice to meet you

Let's get to know each other

Hi there. Come on in...

Everywhere you turn, the advice is the same.

Hustle, hustle and more hustle.

"Do Facebook Live every day!"

"Post on social media 5 times a day!"

"Build a huge email list fast!"

"DM everyone!"

"Instagram Story is the thing!"

Doesn't all that noise and frenzy make you want to lie down in a darkened room?

I should know. I used to be stuck on the treadmill too.

The never-ending pursuit of the last piece of the puzzle. Emulating what the "gurus" are doing. Modelling after their tactics. Trying on other people's clothes and wondering why they don't fit. Success always felt just around the corner, if only I try this one more thing.

There has be a better way, right?

There is, but it requires you to think differently.

Building a ​profitable business is one of the most difficult challenges you can choose to take on. Anyone who says otherwise is probably trying to sell you snake oil.

The bad news: You've been mis-sold.

The good news: It's up to you to do things your way.

It requires courage to stop doing what everyone else is doing, and to find your own path.

It requires commitment to figure out what matters to you, your business, and the people you serve.

Hello, my name is Mui.

Business coach. Minimalist. Dog mum.

Textbook introvert. Bookworm.

Lover of science, arts, photography, delicious food, good coffee, world cinema and remote places.

More About Me

I arrived in the UK from Hong Kong when I was 18, with just one suitcase. Since then I've had the opportunity to explore many different countries, including staying at the Ice Hotel in Sweden, quad-biking on sand dunes in Namibia, climbing up volcanoes in Iceland and trekking across the Spanish Pyrenees in our 4x4.

Experiences and connections are important to me, more so than worldy possessions. While I'll need more than just one suitcase now, I can probably fit everything I own into a small van.

When I'm not working with clients, I love travelling to faraway places. Being surrounded by the vastness and the mystery of nature is great for putting things into perspective, and figuring out what is and isn't important. 

I live in rural England with my partner and our son James. In between travelling, we try to grow vegetables but so far we only managed to harvest two potatoes. I'm hoping next time we can increase the crop to 3, so that we can at least have one each. Watch this space!

Fun Facts

I am addicted to ramen noodles.

I spend a disproportionate amount of time laughing at our dog's expressions and antics.

My favourite place so far is the Namib desert. I'd love to return to that part of the world again one day with my family, to experience the vastness and stillness once again.

I was once blocked by an elephant on the road.

My optimal room temperature is 25C. In winter I go into hibernation.

In the evenings, you'll find me snuggled up with my family next to a roaring fire (sometimes even in June).

Things people may not know about me: I'm an aspiring watercolourist and a competent Morse code operator.

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