Trade Shows are essentially exhibitions for businesses to showcase their services and products. Companies can also use their trade shows as an opportunity to take a look at what their competitors are up to plus suss out the latest industry trends. Some businesses like to use tradeshows to seek out some press exposure or to network with other companies.

'Trade- only shows' are solely for members of the press and business owners. 'Public trade shows' are also open to the general public. At a public trade show companies can also take the opportunity to market products to B2C customers. With all these opportunities to gain at a tradeshow, you'll want to be well prepared. Let's take a look at some of the top tips on preparing for a tradeshow.

Advertise your trade show

You'll want as many people to know about your attendance at the tradeshow as possible- so get advertising! Use your social media accounts to spread the word, use your website to blog about it. Let people know why they should attend; give them a little sneak preview of what's in store. Remember that video content is shared more than any other kind on social media. Why not make an attention-grabbing video to advertise your trade show? Contact any appropriate trade show publications beforehand, see if you can get a journalist to write a feature on you in particular. They'll be members of the press at the event in general, but reaching out before the show will help you get noticed.

Perfect an eye-catching design

At tradeshows, there are so many different booths all in competition to stand out. With so many voices, colours and great displays- you'll need to ensure that your booth makes an impact. The key is to think about the aesthetics. As you would with a shop floor, you need to create an inviting layout to present your services, products and yourself. One way you can ensure to get the look that you want is by investing in a custom made booth. Before you buy your booth, think about the sizing, trade show booths 10x10 can be excellent for an intimate showcase. If you've got lots of products to show you might be better with a bigger 20 x 20 booth. It's a good idea to match your booth colours to your brand colours for that professional look of continuity.

Prepare your incentives

When you're trying to draw crowds, you should prepare some extra incentives for people to visit your booth. These incentives could be games and activities or competitions and free giveaways. You could give away some products as prizes or set up a stall of free drinks or food. If you offer drinks and a seating area, you'll give people a place to network. Such a booth could land you some new business contacts too! Remember, there could be some people at the show who could well be interested in partnering up with you.

Plan your pitch

You'll need to have your sales pitch well planned inside and out if you want to wow everyone. Know your product inside out, perfect the details of your brand story and practice communicating all this. Always choose exactly the right sales team to take to a tradeshow with you. Choose the staff with the most charisma, empathy and knowledge. Ensure that you provide training sessions before your trade show so that everyone is on the same page. A shaky product demonstration or not having the answers could really make you look bad! With this in mind, it's a good idea to have a few role-play sessions before the trade show to practice.

Prep your networking

Networking is sometimes best achieved when you know who you want to connect with. Research which other businesses will be attending the trade show. Think about which ones you'd most like to establish a relationship with. There might be one or two who you'd like to do a cross-promotion with in the future. Cross promotions can be a great way to allow both parties to extend their reach and customer base. When you've got some great networking ideas going in, it'll be far easier to achieve your goals.

Remember, trade shows are a fantastic way to communicate the personality of your brand. With so many digital interactions these days, make the most of this opportunity to show people what you've got in person! With enough planning you'll be attracting more clients than ever.