Photo by StartupStockPhotos on Pixabay.

It doesn't matter whether you have just launched your startup, or whether you are a veteran of the entrepreneurial world, there's always room for more customers. A greater customer base means more sales and a better chance of being able to compete with your industry rivals. Every business needs sales to survive but you cannot rely on your loyal customer base and their repeat custom. You need to expand your niche and find more customers who will drive up sales. Take a look at these three ways to attract new customers.

Trade Show

If you've never considered attending a trade show before, take a look at the industry specific events in your local area. It doesn't matter whether you are a jewelry designer, a baker or an accountant providing audit services for IT contractors, there will be a trade show for you. These are full of readymade customer bases. You will have a small stall from which to pitch from, so you need to make yourself stand out. Hone your branding and put up banners and promotional flags.

Get yourself suited and booted, and smile. Be enthusiastic and engage your potential customers with your business vision and product or service. Allow people to see your product in action and have a discount to encourage them to part with their cash on the day of the trade show. At the very least, you can develop a new email list ready to unleash a marketing campaign. Give away some free merchandise and allow the foot fall past your stall to market your wares at the other end of the trade show with a branded bag, a free keyring and a mouse mat. With more traffic to your stall, you have every chance of converting visits to sales.

Do Something Millennial

The youth of today love getting online whenever they can. You could choose to be down with the kids and conduct a business podcast to engage your potential customers. By making this free marketing tool available to the masses, you can gain greater exposure online. A podcast gives you the opportunity to speak in an informal way with fellow business leaders. This means you can network and develop contacts within your sector. Put your podcast online and make it available across a range of platforms, and you could increase hits to your website and enhance your customer base.

Expand Your Product Line

If you produce custom made tee shirts but you find that your sales are drying up, don't keep plugging away and stick your head in the sand. Instead, consider how you can tweak your product to make it more appealing to a wider demographic. You could expand from tee shirts to hoodies and caps. Or perhaps you could begin to sell wholesale rather than to the end user alone. Change can be scary but it is vital to ensure that your business evolves over time. Keep moving forward and you can surpass your rivals and attract more customers.

Follow this guide and use these ideas as inspiration to attract new customers and drive up sales for your business.