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As far as your marketing is concerned, it pays to keep up with the leading and most effective strategies. No matter where you are on your business journey, it's vital to review your marketing campaigns often, to see where you could stand to make improvements. For some hints and tips you might not have tried yet, here are 13 ways to give your marketing a reboot.

1 . Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is an excellent way to promote your brand creatively and gain the trust of your target audience. Influencers have a huge amount of loyal followers who respect their opinions and recommendations. Due to this, partnering with the right influencer can allow your company to reach your target audience and increase your brand awareness. Influencers focus on 'subtle' brand mentions within their regular content, and this is ideal because the campaign then feels more authentic. The perfect scenario is to find an influencer who is already keen on your brand. Failing this, simply choose an influencer who produces content that is complementary to your industry. To find the right influencers try using platforms like Upfluence, BuzzSumo, or Buzzstream.

2. Podcasts

Podcasts can be a great way to uniquely market your business. With a podcast, you can build strong relationships with your target audience over time. As people listen to your content, they will get to know the personality of your brand and engage with your company beyond your products. Using a podcast, you'll drive more traffic to your site and potentially gain new interest when listeners recommend you to others. Podcasts have become increasingly popular in the last few years; many people enjoy listening to them on-the-go. They are the ideal way to cram a little learning and entertainment into a busy lifestyle, whether it's on the train, in the car, or over a quick-breakfast. With a little investment in some basic recording equipment, you can create a podcast on a relatively low budget.

3. Online tools

To aid your marketing strategies, there are many online tools which can make life a whole lot easier. Canva, for example, is an online tool that helps users to create some beautiful graphics and designs for anything from flyers to social media, blog posts, or presentations. There's a huge library of fonts, illustrations and photographs so you can customize some excellent designs for your marketing purposes.

For a neat tool (that's free too), try Google Trends. It's a feature that shows you how frequently a term is searched within Google. With Google trends, you can search for terms via different locations and time frames. You can also specify the type of search, whether it's a YouTube search or shopping etc. Next, for your social media needs, tools like Buffer are an excellent go-to. Using Buffer you can manage your social accounts via a single platform. It's simple to access analytics for your socials plus organise your scheduling to boost the success of your campaigns.

4. Webinars

Hosting a webinar is a highly effective way to engage with your audience. Webinars involve you (or a member of your company) presenting a live seminar online. You can use a webinar to present a live video blog, discuss an industry-related topic or promote a new service, etc. Your audience get the chance to ask you questions in real-time so webinars can serve as a highly interactive marketing tactic. Video content is largely preferred in our current climate, and with a live video- you present your company as authentic, down-to-earth, and ready to listen to your consumers.

5. Ebooks

Offering Ebooks is a great way to get site visitors to part with their contact details when they visit your site. When you add a contact form on your website, of course, not every visitor fill in it- especially if they are just browsing. Offer an Ebook too and ask for contact details prior to the download. Ebooks are an excellent chance to show your audience your knowledge, expertise, and personality. You could opt for using a collection of your blog posts, or write from scratch on a brand new topic.

6. Host an event

Free events can be particularly useful if you have a brick and mortar based business. Online shopping has well and truly taken the world by storm; many customers simply prefer to order their items to the comfort of their own home. If you want to get people to venture out- it pays to give a little extra!

7. Offer competitions

Offering competitions can be an excellent way to get people to engage with your company. When people have the chance to win a lovely prize- their attention is well and truly gained! Social media can be a great place to offer competitions; for example, you could set up a competition for the best photo featuring your product. The more people who join in, the more photos you'll get floating around social media- that promote your brand.

8. SEO Expertise

Online marketing continues to become increasingly competitive as time goes by. For this reason, it can be a good idea to call in an SEO expert to work on your campaign strategy. There are plenty of different techniques to boost your SEO, and it's worthwhile knowing them all. With a great SEO professional on your side, you can gain a thorough assessment of your current strategy and find out exactly how you can improve. For a great service, an SEO agency like Mass Appeal can help to supercharge your SEO in no time.

9. Blogger Outreach

A blogger outreach program can be an amazing way to extend your reach online. Blogger outreach involves seeking out popular bloggers (with some relevance to your industry). For a fee (or perhaps free products), the blogger will weave a mention of your business into their content via given keywords and links. There are plenty of blogger outreach services available who can find the right bloggers for you, saving you the work. In the same way that influencer campaigns work, you'll benefit by increasing your brand awareness, improving your SEO, and widening your target audience.

Another thing that you can do is offer to write an article for a publication related to your industry. You'll get some quality backlinks this way, plus you'll establish yourself as a valuable thought leader.

10. Analytics

Keeping an eye on your analytics is a must to improve your marketing strategy ongoing. Google Analytics is one super-easy way that you can do so. The tool basically reports traffic so that you know how many people are visiting your site each day. With Google Analytics, you can track trends and conversions, plus you can look at where the conversion took place and which traffic it originated from. You can also take a look at the keywords which your visitors used to find you.

11. Gain feedback

If you really want to supercharge your marketing strategy, it's important that you gain feedback from your customers and site visitors. Create surveys that allow you to assess the overall UX design of your site. Email your customers once they've received their purchase and ask them to rate the experience overall. Deploy chatbots on your website and get feedback this way also. Chatbots can be another great way to improve your marketing, as these can allow you to offer a 24/7 convenient messaging service for your customers, (which is a real draw). Many customers will prefer the option of a quick and easy messaging service, so you'll be tapping right into that need.

12. Improve UX design

It's pretty impossible to market yourself when your UX design is lacking. If your website needs a bit of a refresh- now is the time to do it! Remember, a user-friendly site should be easy to navigate, your site visitors should be able to find exactly what they are looking for with no explanation needed. White space and graphics should be used evenly so that the design so does not appear cluttered or overwhelming. Your site should be mobile optimised, plus optimised for speed and featuring clear and appealing calls to action.

13. Creative collaboration

Collaborating with a complementary business can work wonders for your marketing. A collaboration could arrive in the form of an offer, a one of event or a competition. The basic idea is that you get the chance to reach new audiences, as does your collaborator. Ensure that you choose a brand with values and ethics similar to your own. Reach out to brands on social media or look for chances to connect at networking events or trade shows.

Finally, don't forget to remain consistent on your social media channels. Think carefully about the content that you post, always keeping the values of your target audience in mind. Posting memes can help you add a humorous element to your branding, while great video content will allow you to get more shares. Most importantly, keep evaluating your performance and seeking to improve.