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Let me guess...

You're crazy good at what you do. You know that you can make an impact and improve lives with your knowledge and expertise. But you feel stuck.

You're feeling overwhelmed and confused. You're second-guessing every decision you make.

You're procrastinating, overthinking and struggling to get the results you know are possible.

You watch other people pass you by with their success stories. You keep doubting if you have what it takes to reach your goals.

Clarity comes from taking courageous action.

You can't think your way to clarity.

You have to consistently show up and take courageous action to move your business forward.

It's totally possible to jump out of bed in the morning and spend the day doing what you love to do (I'm doing it!) but pursuing your vision and putting yourself out there can feel scary at first. But with a trusted ally? It's so much easier.

Let me be that ally for you. My unique blend of results-focused strategies, creativing thinking, intuitive guidance and technical know-how will help you see opportunities in a different way and to trust in your ability to achieve your dreams.

"Mui has a warm, welcoming presence that instantly helped me feel at ease with her. I love how she addresses all aspects of your business problem, including the energetics of what's behind any fears coming up for you. She helped me develop a strategy that felt good to me, even surprising me saying that rigidity doesn't work for me and I might need to do things from a different more playful place. I loved that she saw that about me.

I'm always afraid that a business coach is going to give me a to-do list that doesn't feel good, but Mui actually helped me take my idea and come up with ways to make it more playful, easier, and very do-able. I loved working with her. If you aren't sure, do yourself a favor and sign up for her free call to see for yourself. She's so good!"

- Tamara D

"Mui, thank you so much for the shifts in our business coaching session! The way you helped me to think about marketing was genius. Now I feel like it is so easy to show up repeatedly without the emotional baggage from my inner teenager. Also knowing what to say to her if she does pop up to stop me. Your questions and wisdom were so helpful. You're a great listener and I found that really helpful too for getting to the core of what I needed."

- Jill D

"I was experiencing muddled thinking about how to move forward with a passion project and how it might support (or be supported by) my 1:1 coaching. My conversation with Mui resulted in a creative solution that will help build my credibility as a coach, and increase skills that can translate to future workshops as well. I appreciate not just feeling heard, but being offered a new perspective and ideas that I hadn't considered."

- Jill P

"I was struggling with reaching my ideal clients and showing up without thinking it was too much. Mui helped me realize how I've been holding myself back, and that I don't need permission or feedback from others to keep showing up in the way that I want to, and I definitely don't need to be worrying about any algorithms. This is going to help me show up as much as I want (or don't) and stop saving posts for rainy days. It'll feel more authentic and I'll be energized to show up more for my people."

- Kayla L

Hello, my name is Mui.

Business coach. INFJ-T. Dog mum.

My mission is to help you show up courageously and unapologetically as yourself, so that you can build your business with authenticity, boldness and fun. And you can do this without feeling overwhelmed or using spammy/icky tactics.