Looking pretty isn’t enough. Download the 25-point website checklist.


Build it. And they will come.

At least that’s what you thought.

Beautiful colours, the perfect fonts and images to make you swoon. You followed all of the steps, right?

Now you feel like you’ve been cheated. Missed the mark somehow.

You invested time and money on a website. It looks pretty, no arguing that.

But you’re not getting clients.

Compliments are wonderful but you want sales, connection and growth.

Where is the magic?

Your business needs to do 3 things:

  • Attract the right audience

    YOUR people, not just anyone who passes through.

  • Generate leads

    … and creating connection with your potential clients who want to know more.

  • Promote sales

    Build a real sustainable brand and business – not just an expensive hobby.

Are you:

  • Struggling to attract your ideal clients and feeling like you are constantly “hustling” with no rhyme or reason?
  • Randomly trying different things and seeing what sticks?
  • Feeling like your website is just a glorified business card?
  • At that tipping point of giving up and thinking: “I’m just not cut out to be an entrepreneur!”?

If this sounds like you, don’t despair!

Mui Tsun - Business mentor and web designer for female entrepreneurs.I’m a business mentor and web designer. I help women who are struggling to get their business off the ground so that they can start seeing results and start making a living doing what they love.

While I’m passionate about beautiful web design, I’m first and foremost an entrepreneur. By combining my expertise in effective web design with my understanding of business strategies and customer psychology, I blend my two passions to help you stand apart from the crowd and grow that dream.

My mission is to support female entrepreneurs who are tired of struggling alone in the business building process.

So many entrepreneurs believe that having a website will automatically bring them clients. The truth is, with over 180 million websites out there, looking pretty just isn’t enough.

Let’s create some magic together!

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